Aibo Sales 


Unless otherwise noted, all dogs are re-furbished and come with a 30-day warranty, including the battery.  We ensure that all joints are free from jitters and operating smoothly.  Non-supercore ERS-210/220s will have all 3 neck clutches replaced with our unibody clutch replacement ensuring a lifetime free from DHS/PAS/TAS.

Please note that even re-furbished dogs will have minor age related issues including but not limited to scratches, minor squeaking, grinding or whirring, occasional hip slippage, and other items that should not interfere with your ability to love them.  In some cases these little guys are 20 years old and have had a long journey from their original homes to yours.  We will always work with you to ensure that you have the right pup for your needs and restored to as close to new as practicable.

Coming soon! ERS-210s in Gold, Silver and Black, ERS-311/312s and ERS-7s in White, Black and Champagne.  (photos are for example only)