Aibo Repair Service


At the aiboclinic we take the utmost care of your treasured robo-companion treating them as if they are our very own.  Please see the menu of fixed price services below.  For parts or repairs not listed, please contact us for a time and material estimate as well as parts availability.  Please note: aibos which are customized, painted or had prior repairs performed by someone other than the aiboclinic may be subject to additional charges or require time and material repairs due to the additional issues or challenges which may have been introduced.  Please see below for details on our Aibo Battery Rebuild Services.

All repairs come with a 90-day warranty for parts and workmanship.

Repair services are provided by Chris and JBurg in a round-robin fashion or based on which one has availability.  You are welcome to choose a technician if you have a preference.  Please indicate any preference in your email inquiry.

Aibo ERS 110/111

  • Battery rebuild $105.
  • Core repair/replace $125.

Contact us for individual estimates for parts and repairs for your ERS-110 and ERS-111.

Aibo ERS 210/220

  • Battery rebuild $110.
  • DHS/PAS/TAS unibody clutch replacement
    • First axis $125
    • Second axis +$75
    • Third axis +$50
    • Fourth axis +$50
  • Head jitters 50% of clutch replacement charges above.
  • Hip joint jitters $50 /hip.
  • Leg joint jitters $25 /leg.
  • Core repair/replace $125.
  • Core battery $85.

Contact us for individual estimates for parts and repairs for your ERS-210/220 not listed.

Aibo ERS 311/312

    • Battery rebuild $100.
    • Core repair/replace $250.
    • Head board repair/replace $150.

Contact us for individual estimates for parts and repairs for your ERS-311/312/31L.

Aibo ERS 7

    • Battery rebuild $100.
    • Ear mic replacement (both, includes parts) $120.
    • Pitch or Pan jitters $100 each (plus $50 one time shell charge).
    • PAS (includes clutch) $150.
    • Ear hub (includes part) $50.
    • Lower leg gearbox clean $40.
    • Upper leg gearbox clean $100 ($50 if combined with hip).
    • Hip gearbox clean $100 (plus $50 one time shell charge).
    • Pinned hip clutch (parts) $25 (requires hip gearbox clean).
    • Leg pot cleaning $25 ($10 if we are cleaning the gearbox).
    • Inspection $75.

Contact us for individual estimates for parts and repairs for your ERS-7.

Our prices for ERS-7 repairs represent the complexity and time required to perform these tasks.  For gearbox cleaning, we disassemble and meticulously clean and lubricate all gears and axles as well as clean and lubricate the servo.  For hip gearbox services, we must completely shell the aibo, remove the limbs and unwind the flexible connectors.  The shell charge applies to any hip services and covers the time required to remove and reinstall the body shells.

We are now offering an ERS-7 inspection service for those collectors who would like for us to perform a comprehensive diagnostic of an untested aibo.

Battery Rebuild Services


Battery rebuild services for ERA-201B1/301B1/7B1/7B2 are provided by Bruce at the Aiboranch who replaces the cells, re-programs the battery control chip and rigorously tests your battery to ensure that it performs like new.  ERA-201B1 batteries are re-celled and programmed for 4080 mAh capacity and approximate 3 hour run time.

Battery rebuild services for ERA-110B are provided by Jackson and are rebuilt to 3400 mAh which will provide ~1.75-2 hours of run time in an active adult dog.  The original Sony circuitry is used during rebuilding so the batteries retain all the functionality and safety they had from the manufacturer and do not suffer form the issues that other rebuilds with aftermarket boards have been known for.